Call us for anything regarding your swimming pool. We can help with weekly swimming pool service in San Antonio, swimming pool acid washes, chlorine baths, algae removal, pool openings, swimming pool equipment repair, pool pump repair and pool motor replacement. We look forward to serving you today!
Unfortunatly we no longer provide the following services:

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At San Antonio Pool Service we offer many different types of pool services. Our services can be broken down into residual (recurring) services and one-time pool services. A list of the things that we do and approximate prices can be found below.

One Time Pool Services: Acid Wash, Chlorine Bath, Pump Repair, Filter Cleaning, One-Time-Cleaning, Tile Repair, Algae Removal, Equipment repair and more.

Residual Services: Full Weekly Pool Service, Chemical Only Weekly Pool Service

Our weekly full service option is for the pool owner that wants us to take care of everything. In this case we will check your chemical levels, add the necessary chemical, clean your pool, check to make sure that your swimming pool equipment is functioning properly and other things that are needed. This is the perfect service for the pool owner that just want to spend their pool time in the pool, not cleaning.

In our
chemical only service we make sure that your swimming pool water has the proper amounts of chemical in it. We will come by your home once a week to check your chemical levels, then we will add any chemical that is needed. This option is great for the pool owner that does not mind doing a little sweating over their pool and just want us to make sure that their water is properly balanced.